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Indian spice markets, ochre and dark mustard, exotic at first glance. The smooth texture of worn cotton.

Curry is a Tree Free stock. It is made up of 90% sugarcane stalks after they are crushed to extract their juices to make sugar. This sustainable and renewable resource also known as Bagasse has traditionally been burned or put into landfill. The balance 10% of the stock is a combination of linen and hemp which are both left over from the textile industry which would also end up in landfill if not for the making of this paper. Because Curry is made from mostly sugarcane pulp, it is not uncommon to see small particles of the stock and sometime white spots from the textiles. This stock is recyclable and biodegradable, acid free and elemental chlorine free.


  • Finish: Matte

    Texture: Smooth

    Weight: Card: 118lbs

  • Card Stock

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