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Specialty Papers

We offer some very unique specialty papers for print.

Hand torn edges, specialty dye cuts, custom acrylics and vellum's. 

All available with varying print options.

Contact Us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

So let's have some fun and make something beautiful!

Hand Torn Paper

Hand Torn Edges gives a beautiful vintage look.  It can be done with any cotton paper.

Dye Cut

Custom Dye Cuts look so good!  Choose a pattern or shape and have it cut into the pieces you want.


Clear Acrylic can be cut to any shape and size.  It can be printed with white ink, coloured ink, letterpress or add vinyl dye cuts.


Vellum works great as an overlay or as a piece on it's own.  Print can be done in white ink or coloured ink.

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